How to Get to Alanya?

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How to Get to Alanya?

Alanya is the first city of Turkey, the bike automatons placed on certain points of Alanya.

Alanya, 120 kilometers away from its province’s center(Antalya), has all the advantages of having Mediterranean shores.
It is possible to go Alanya through air, land and sea ways.

Nearly active all the time, mass transportation system and taxis are at your service in the town. It is only in Alanya within the borders of Turkey, the bike automatons placed on certain points of Alanya…


There are 2 choices for those who prefer airway; approximately 120 kilometers away from Alanya, on the west, Antalya Airport and 40 kilometers away, on the east, Gazipaşa Airport. Reaching to where you will stay is included in nearly all of the packet tours. Hotels’ contractual vehicles will take you from the airports entrance to where you will stay. Some airway companies who organize inland flights provide vans to Alanya, depending on flight times.

By Car

Those who prefer reaching their accomodations by their own ways can either use private taxis or go to ring road to get on Alanya buses which sets out from Antalya Bus Terminal every 15 minutes.